FORTAMUS’ Solutions & Services:
Different by Design

Real Time, Multi-Faceted Execution

Data Drives Decisions

FORTAMUS does the heavy lift to bring to light the very real factors that affect an individual client’s mortality and thus their financial future.

We continually assess a wide spectrum of general population data in order to build a comprehensive library of information relevant to mortality.

By executing complex, seemingly unrelated integrations of that data (for example prescription history, motor vehicle records and employment history), Fortamus continually delivers comprehensive data sets that advisors need to make trusted, informed decisions with their clients.

Value Based on the Individual

FORTAMUS’ policy valuation is based solely on the insured’s risk status. Because our valuation methodologies are based on specific risk data -- not on a pre-determined policy structure or outdated actuarial tables -- we assign value to the individual, rather than the policy.

This allows us to determine expected performance of any policy, regardless of the issuer. No two individuals will have the same risk expectation. Additionally, by evaluating each individual covered by a policy rather than a group as a whole, FORTAMUS increases the stability of the investment.

Superior Policy Management

FORTAMUS’ ability to provide 3rd party policy valuation creates several distinct advantages for wealth management firms:

  • Standardized account set-up, regardless of policy issuer
  • Single-source management capability for advisories
  • Regular, continual reporting at all levels of need (by holding, account, client, advisor, firm-wide, etc.)
  • Standardized output comparable with other investment products
  • Scenario-based forecasting capabilities in v1.8
  • Completes client investment portfolio

Robust, Resilient Policies

Continual risk assessment over the life of the policy provides a precise valuation based on current factors, not historical risk factors at application. This means policies reflect an ongoing, accurate valuation, resulting in a more robust investment.

An advisor’s ability to value a life insurance account adds another key component to the client portfolio. Continual valuation means coverage becomes part of an ongoing process, not a laborious one-time effort. It fits the client portfolio, strengthening the advisor/client relationship.

Boosts The Bottom Line

FORTAMUS’ ability to assign value to a policy, regardless of issuer, helps advisors expand their offerings to clients. Our technology-forward platform creates efficiencies that reduce insurance overhead. Individualized, real-time pricing - for the first time - provides continuous valuation, moving life insurance into the net worth column. This fits existing wealth management fee structures and increases returns for both the client and the advisory.

When the bottom line is the relationship, we enhance it.