Privacy Policy


Fortamus Insurance Services (Fortamus) collects personal information solely in order to assist us in placement, administration and adjudication of insurance coverage. We collect personal information through various means, including directly from the client and through intermediaries. Irrespective of the method Fortamus has received information, the same standards of care and disclosures will apply.

This information will be provided to the insurance company when a potential client purchases an insurance policy to establish them as a policyholder.

We will maintain a record of the client’s information at the offices of Fortamus Insurance Services so we can provide them with services. The employees of Fortamus Insurance Services are each required to sign and acknowledge a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure as part of their Employment Agreement. All employees are instructed on maintaining the privacy of clients and the importance of protecting the client’s personal information.

Fortamus Insurance Services does not keep records of the client’s credit card or other financial information.

We may collect personal information from:

  • The client or their agents on applications or other forms. Information we collect may include names, address, and social security numbers.
  • The client’s transactions with us, such as payments of premiums or submission of claims.
  • Third parties, including doctors, employers, and other insurers and agents. Information we collect may include medical records, employment history, and claim history.
  • Credit reporting agencies, insurance reporting agencies, government agencies, and medical information providers.
  • The client’s or our authorized information technology providers’ websites, including IP, email address and other identification.
  • Other sources, depending on the situation and the client’s needs.


Fortamus Insurance Services makes every effort to maintain absolute privacy. If information is ever viewed by a non-authorized party, it is purely accidently. By using our services, the client releases us from any liability should this information be downloaded, viewed or retrieved against our privacy rules. We shall not be liable for any unlawful acts of others who steal this information through any means.

We do not sell non-public information to anyone. We do not disclose non-public personal information to our affiliates or to nonaffiliated third parties, except as required or permitted by law. As permitted by law, we may share non-public information with companies that perform administrative or other services to us. Our contracts with such companies prohibit them from using non-public personal information for any purpose other than for which they were hired.


As a United States based business, Fortamus Insurance Services follows all applicable federal and state laws in respect of client privacy. When the client’s residency is unknown, Fortamus Insurance Services will at minimum apply applicable laws of its state of registration, Delaware. In the event of multiple applicable laws to protect the client’s data, Fortamus Insurance Services always restricts access and disclosure based upon the most stringent standards.


Fortamus Insurance Services either directly or on our behalf utilizes a number of websites to provide its services. The utilization of any website requires the disclosure of certain information, including but not limited to IP address, MAC address and routing information. Fortamus Insurance Services understands that these disclosures are part of the technical limitation of web technology and takes reasonable steps to protect this information from disclosure. Utilization of Fortamus Insurance Services websites implies consent to the collection and retention of this information.


A cookie is a piece of data that is stored on a visitor’s machine while they are visiting the Fortamus Insurance Services website. We, or our hosting and other service providers may utilize a short or long lived form of cookie when the client visits our site. At Fortamus Insurance Services, a cookie is only used to identify one unique visitor from another visitor either during a particular session or to allow for repeated access. A session is the period of active site-use while that unique visitor is linked to our server. We may use cookie technology during a session as a tool to carry forward the client’s input information during the enrollment process. This enables the visitor to input their information once and have the information appear later during the enrollment process. No personally identifiable information is stored on the cookie. This cookie expires and is deleted from the visitor’s computer as soon as they close their browser or if they are not actively browsing our website for more than 60 minutes. Our long lived cookies are utilized solely for simplified re-authentication to our site and contain no user information. Only after receiving consent does Fortamus Insurance Services provide long lived cookies.


Fortamus Insurance Services website may contain links to third party websites that are not controlled by Fortamus Insurance Services. These third party links are made available to the client as a convenience and they agree to use these links at their own risk. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content of third party websites linked to us nor are we responsible for the privacy policy or practices of third party websites linked to Fortamus Insurance Services. Our Privacy Policy only applies to information we collect from the client while they are actively in a session with Fortamus Insurance Services. If they should link to a third party website from Fortamus Insurance Services, we strongly encourage each client to review and become familiar with the privacy policy of that website.


The client may file a complaint in writing with the Compliance Officer of Fortamus Insurance Services or in the case of Personal Health Information, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services if the client believes their privacy rights have been violated. We will not retaliate against them for filing a complaint.

Please mail all complaints and inquiries directly to:

Fortamus Insurance Services

C/O Compliance Officer
3980 Dekalb Technology Parkway
Suite 775
Atlanta, GA, 30340