Coverage Review

Fortamus understands that time is money and we offer a case “pre-screen” to assure case viability. This pre-screen is a standardized process that eliminates the guesswork and provides general agents and their producers with an efficient means of determining whether or not to move forward.

Unlike other providers, we’ve analyzed the data, studied the trends and done the research. We know what to expect.

In addition, we provide Informal Quotes to help clients gauge viability and affordability as well as accessibility.

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Know Within 48 Hours if Your Case is Worth Pursuing, Regardless of Complexity.

1-2-3 Easy Steps

Fortamus’ Agent Platform is an invaluable tool that saves time, money and frustration. It enables us to quickly provide customized case review, flexible table ranges, and resolution for individuals and organizations.

The completely digital process saves time and effort by eliminating bulky paperwork. And, it’s completely transparent so that you know the status of your submission every step of the way.

Step 1

Informal Quote

After submitting all case information online, a dedicated Fortamus team member will provide an Informal Quote to establish viability and affordability.

Step 2

Risk Review

If the submission is viable, we begin our extensive risk review process. We provide agents with a detailed plan for their clients. This outline includes a comprehensive list of all action items.

Step 3

Policy Application

The final step is to complete the policy application, any additional lab tests or examinations as well as just-in-time state licensing where allowed.

Agent Portal

Saying "Yes" to impaired cases is easier than you think