Our specialized solutions increase agents’ overall case placement rate. Fortamus allows producers to increase productivity by focusing on the 5-10% of cases that are traditionally declined.

Our individualized approach gives broker general agents the expertise and the resources to say “yes,” strengthening their producer relationships and opening new sources of revenue.

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Fortamus Provides Coverage Where No One Else Will.

Case Management

Our “white glove” personalized approach to case management ensures that a dedicated member of our team will manage each and every case request. The process is technology-based, transparent and yields reliable approval decisions.


Due to our extensive case research and underwriting expertise, we are able to cover a wide variety of impaired life cases. We focus on adult mortality products that serve the middle and upper markets. Additionally, we underwrite atypical mortality submissions by using term coverage and other parameters to achieve successful results.

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We Have The Experience And Resources To Provide Impaired Case Solutions.

Program Development

We are able, but not limited, to provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Chronic Medical Conditions (HIV, CML, etc.)
  • Specialty Group Programs (criminal, professional athletics, etc.)
  • Guidelines for New Treatment Regimes
  • International Product Development
  • High Risk Occupation/Avocation
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